Thank you to our amazing Clients!

As a relatively new founder, I was being pulled in many different directions and it was important, both for my organization’s growth as well as for myself, to learn where to focus my energy. At one point, I was running all of our operations, fundraising, marketing and programs, which was unsustainable in the long-term.  After meeting with Amina and doing the strengths finder exercise, we mapped out a plan to hone in on my talents, which we found out were much more focused on managing people and relationships. In the months and years to come, I began focusing on hiring and developing our leadership team, and organizing our volunteers into committees. I now focus the majority of my time on our strategic partnerships and our donors. Not only has our annual revenue increased, but our board, staff and volunteers are happier and feel a greater sense of purpose within the organization. Our organization has now been around nearly 6 years and I do not feel the burnout that other founders feel. I highly recommend Influence to anyone anywhere who would like to be more effective professionally or even in your day-to-day life. The discoveries can be life-changing.

 -Sarah H., Founder of Girls Health Ed

Working with Amina helped me to pour into my strengths that were undiscovered, underutilized, and helped me to further the strengths that I already possess. She is a patient coach that will guide, push and follow up to ensure your success. 

​-Anaiah Lane, Orthodontist Assistant 

So blessed to have received a redone resume from INFLUENCE by AG LLC. Such a professional job!! I Loved the service and I enjoyed working with Amina Gilyard. Amina was so punctual and professional the whole way through! Blessings really do exist because I am living proof thanks again for the awesome job the team did and time you took with my resume! I rate Influence 5 stars, Job Development at its best!​​

-Saade Matthews of

My name is Angel McCoy and I am the president and principal consultant at McCoy Environmental Group, Inc., an environmental stewardship and education consulting firm. 
I've been told before that I am a difficult person to "figure out", so when Amina told me that the results of my StrengthsFinder were very unique, my first reaction was, "I always get that on these types of tests!", but what followed next was so enlightening. She helped me understand what draws people to me and what they want to get out of a relationship with me. Now I am able to play on my natural strengths both professionally and personally.
I am Futuristic and Positive, so I do an excellent job at envisioning what's to come with a glass half-full mentality. I am also a very Strategic and Analytical person. Normally, that regimented mind-set does not work with such an optimistic person. What I have learned about myself and can now better share with others is that together we can have an amazing ending and how we will successfully and strategically get there...with no room for failure.

-Angel McCoy