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INFLUENCE Equity is a platform component of INFLUENCE by AG which focuses on curating safe spaces for conversations and education about  diversity, equity, inclusion, and engagement.


Clifton Strengths Coaching


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


INFLUENCE by AG  is your one-stop-shop for curriculum development, educational success counseling, faculty team building, workspace wellness training, & more! We'll partner with you to develop learning experiences that are best suited for your organization. 

Popular Trainings
CliftonStrengths, Diversity & Inclusion, Goal Setting, Leadership Development, Team Building & Communication, Creative Problem Solving

Popular Speaking Topics
Amina is a dynamic speaker with experience delivering talks domestically and internationally. Her popular speaking topics include: personal development, diversity management, wellness, navigating life transitions, and educational success. 

Click here to view a clip of Amina speaking at a Women's Empowerment & Wellness Retreat.

Excellent people are the key to success in any organization. At INFLUENCE by AG we focus on optimizing individuals/teams so that every organization

can reach its full potential.

At INFLUENCE by AG we practice strengths-based coaching. Gallup Inc. research shows that people who focus on using their strengths to maximize their potential are more productive, more profitable, and more likely to report having an excellent quality of life.