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Reaching Senior leadership: 10 growth strategies every government leader should know

"This guide will push you to a deeper level of self-understanding and help you use that knowledge to achieve your goals." -Dr. Amina Gilyard James

Power 31: A Working Guide to Goal Setting

and Progressing with Purpose.

In his brand new book, Reaching Senior Leadership: 10 Growth Strategies Every Government Leader Should Know, Alex Tremble brings together a panel of leadership experts to pull back the curtains on the timeless principles and methods that the Government’s most successful leaders use to propel themselves into  to those elusive senior leadership positions.

In a world full of headache-inducing advice that simply won‘t cut the mustard today, there‘s nothing more important than arming yourself with the proven knowledge of career advancement experts who know the Federal Government world inside out.

And while most successful federal leaders may have learned the powerful techniques outlined in this book the hard way, you certainly don‘t have to. You can get the authors’ brilliant insights and knowledge handed to you in the form of this short, easy-to-apply book.

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​​​Give yourself the gift of success! POWER 31 will help you discover your unique power and aim that power toward your goals. 

POWER 31 will guide you through an empowering journey that will bring you closer to achieving your goals than ever before. POWER 31 includes daily affirmations and personal development tools to ensure you succeed well after the 31 days.